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Kazoobie Web Kazoo Links

The Kazoo - It's Appearance, History, and Importance For Modern Music
The text of a fascinating speech by Michael Fink of Denmark.


Kazoo Company Museum
All about the original kazoo factory in Eden, NY.

Kazoo History
A very definitive history of the kazoo.


Hershberger Art Kazoos
Some really cool kazoos that look like art or some really cool art that you can kazoo on. 


Concerto for Kazoo and Famous Cellist
*If a Famous Cellist is unavailable, an obscure cellist may be substituted.
Whenever possible, children should be encouraged to play along on their own kazoo.


Pop Music On Kazoo
I'm starting a collection of known examples of kazoo performance in popular music.


Captain Kazoo
Cool Kazoos, Vintage Kazoos, Kazoo History, Kazoo Links. Hey! He's Captain Kazoo!


The Rejects - The Kings Of Kazoo Rock
This band features master kazooist, "Dr. Humm".
They do shows around Ohio and have a new CD available.


This guy makes "Kazoo Holders" and here features some of his creations
and spotlights a "professional kazoo player."


Dave Barry and the Kazoo
Humor columnist and author Dave Barry
inadvertently maligns the kazoo in a column
and apologizes to Rick.


KidzWorld Kazoo Page
This site has lots of great fun stuff for kidz.